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Version 1.0.07 – 2011.05.27
  • After using files in the drop-down boxes, then become the most recent in the list instead of maintaining their old positions.
  • The last two files are selected on startup.
  • The call to start the compare utility now uses a non-blocking parameter, so you can close FoxCompare but leave the diff open.

Version 1.0.06 – 2011.05.26
  • Uses CreateProcess API call instead of Run /N to launch compare utility – this eliminates the 255 character path limit.
  • Fixed comparing UTILS.VCX class libraries. Apparently if a class by the same name exists in the FoxCompare exe, it will see that instead of the one you are trying to compare. So I renamed the class library in FoxCompare to FoxCompareUtils.vcx. The problem went away. Seems kludgy – but I couldn’t find a better fix.

Version 1.0.05 – 2011.02.15
Version 1.0.04 – 2011.02.15
  • Fixed bad sorting in class libraries by naming the XML tags with fully qualified paths.
  • Added command line switch for Beyond Compare to force it to do text comparisons and not hex. (Only happens if you choose BCompare.exe as a diff tool)
  • Made the extension of the compare files “.txt”

Version 1.0.03 – 2010.11.05
  • File picker now follows the file of the last selected file in the adjacent combo box instead of only the last select file. They default type of file will also be the same as the previous choice in that box.

Version 1.0.02 – 2010.11.04
  • Fixed alphabetizing
  • Added Procedure Headers so finding out where you are in a huge class library is less painful.
  • Changed the install folder

Version 1.0.01 – 2010.11.03
First Release
Tested with Diff tools: BeyondCompare and SourceGear’s DiffMerge

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